TF162 - Holiday Gift Ideas For Everyone

December 11, 2018

This week, Marc Saltzman recommends his favorite gadgets to gift your loved ones. Also, Amitai Rottem, Product Manager from Windows Defender, reveals how to stay safe while online shopping. Plus, we break down the Top 5 smart toys for your kids this holiday season. In Socially Speaking, we speculate if Amazon robot workers are evil and debate about bears. Oh my!

TF161 - Tell a Story In Six Seconds

December 4, 2018

We check in with Alyson Gausby, Head of Research at Twitter Canada, to ask if FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is becoming a thing of the past. Also, Étienne Mérineau from breaks down the top digital trends of 2018. Plus, Brittlestar stops by to demonstrate how to tell a story in six seconds or less. In Socially Speaking, we discuss the world's first gene-edited baby and weigh the potential impacts of this type of intervention.

TF160 - Can Technology Keep Your Skin Healthy?

November 27, 2018

We speak to Michael Josh from GadgetMatch about apps that can help you stay calm this holiday season. Also, we talk to Megan Maupin from Atolla Skin Lab about how machine learning can help keep your skin healthy. Plus, we ponder why Sophia the Robot performed a duet with Jimmy Fallon. In Socially Speaking, we share what ASMR means for Michael B and how it affects him.

TF159 - The Future of Wearable Technology Could Be In Your Eyes

November 20, 2018

We speak with Dr. Melissa G. Hunt about why spending a lot of time on social media might be making you sad. Also, Dr. Shalu Pal reveals the future of wearable technology as it relates to using contact lenses. Plus, Daniel Seidl from Innoactive informs us how upcoming work training sessions might be held in virtual reality. In Socially Speaking, we talk about Lily Sing, aka "Superwoman," her break from YouTube, and question how the culture of constant content impacts our heath and well-being.

TF158 - Should Companies Be Taxed To Help The Less Fortunate?

November 13, 2018

We speak to TV personality Nik Vasilyev about how to stay healthy and in shape with the latest on-the-go technology. Also, we talk to the CEO of Peekapak, Ami Shah, on how the platform focuses on teaching kids empathy and a whole lot more. Plus, Vitaly Ponomarev, CEO of WayRay, reveals how using augmented reality with the windshield of your car will decrease driving distractions. In Socially Speaking, we discuss how big tech companies in San Francisco are being taxed to help the homeless.

TF157 - The Lastest From Apple For The Creative Types

November 7, 2018

We speak to Pete Pachal, the tech editor for Mashable about the latest Apple event and what is going on with the tech giant. Also, we talk to Nargiz Mammadova from Destin AI on how they are using technology to help immigrants coming to Canada. Plus, our favorite person from the internet, Brittlestar joins us to about Facebook's last look at video with Lasso. A new video app that records you dancing and lip-synching. In Socially Speaking, we talk about what is the future of Facebook and what they are trying to become.

TF156 - A Smart Mirror That Turns Into a Personal Trainer in Your Home

October 31, 2018

We speak to the founder of Mirror, a smart mirror that lets you work out at home with live, on-demand streaming classes. Also, we talk to Kintell, a digital health system that is designed to let you live at home longer on your own. Plus, GadgetMatch's Michael Josh stops in to bring us up-to-date on all the new phones that got launched this "Techtober." In Socially Speaking, we debate whether we should change our focus from Millennials to Gen Z.

TF155 - Why Not A Subscription Service For Cars?

October 23, 2018

We speak to Vince Danielsen, CEO of Wello, on the benefits of virtual healthcare, including providing access anywhere and at any time. We also dive into the future of work, what impact technology has moving forward, and what skills will be needed. Plus, Alexander Lvovich from Volvo talks to us about the Care by Volvo subscription service and how it differs from owning or leasing a car. In Socially Speaking, we discuss if virtual reality can really make food taste better and what else might be better in a virtual environment.

TF154 - Make Sure Your Child is Getting a Full Night’s Sleep with Nanit

October 18, 2018

We speak to Laura Davidson, Founder of SweatCity: an app you use to find everything healthy in your city from fitness programs to restaurants. Also, we talk to Assaf Glazer, CEO of Nanit: a smart baby monitor that allows you a bird's-eye view of your child sleeping to make sure they are getting a restful night. Plus, we look at Storyflow where, without knowing any coding, you can make interactive content and listen to it on Alexa. In Socially Speaking, we talk about Rocketbook: a notebook that can send notes to whatever digital platform you want then zap it in the microwave to erase it and start over.

TF153 - How To Make Money Sharing Your Car with Turo

October 9, 2018

We speak to the CEO of Turo about how the "Airbnb of auto sharing" works (including how you can make money renting your car). We also talk to the CEO of iZotope about Spire, their new portable recording studio that fits in the palm of your hand so you can record music like a pro. Plus, Brittlestar joins us to talk about his new YouTube crush and what it has to do with Making a Murder. In Socially Speaking, we dive into Facebook's latest data breach and how you can protect yourself from future security hacks.