TF098 - Immotor founder Daniel Huang on how his smartphone connected scooter is changing sidewalk transportation

May 31, 2017

We chat with CurEat's Steve Managano about a new chef-inspired way to find places to eat or drink in an unfamiliar city. We also speak with Immotor Go founder Daniel Huang on what he learned from making battery accessories that launched him into the world of high-tech scooters. Plus, Vanhawks co-founder Sohaib Zahid about why the Internet loves his company's Valour Smart Bike. In Socially Speaking, we debate whether robots can drive better than humans.


TF097 - GeniCan Co-Founder Rob Griffin on smart trash bins for better grocery lists

May 23, 2017

We chat with Rob Griffin about a new device that lets you throw away your trash to automate your shopping lists. We also speak with Rafi Haladjian from about how an affordable sleep tracker called Sleep Peanut will help you wake up feeling great. Plus, we learn how pregnant women can (better) keep track of their contractions thanks to Bloomlife. In Socially Speaking, we discuss how today's big tech companies are beating the government in the race for the future.


TF096 - CEO David de Min from Velapp on disrupting live video editing

May 16, 2017

We chat with the CEO and Founder of Velapp about why Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak supports live video editing. We also speak with Jeremy McGilvrey from Instapro Academy about what you need to know about influencers in your Instagram feed (and how to be one). Plus, we learn how to keep your messages private with the founder of the TChapper app. In Socially Speaking, we debate whether coffee shops should ditch Wi-Fi so humans can interact again.


TF095 - Pepper’s People Join Us to Share the Future of Robot Greeters

May 11, 2017

We chat with Michael Solomon from 10x Management about their research tracking employees slacking off on social media and more, and how they're sharing these bad habits on Slacker Tracker. We also speak to SoftBank Robotics' Steve Carlin about Pepper's new job at Calgary banks and how there will be more robots than humans in 30 years. Plus, runners can rejoice as BeBop Sensors now measure how you move. In Socially Speaking, we chat about 3000 new "unwanted" jobs at Facebook.


TF094 - Best of Show - LEGO, Poverty Inc., Wattpad and more

May 4, 2017

We chat with Wattpad CEO Allen Lau about a new spin-off app built just for his company's avid mobile readers. We also speak to AJ+ journalist Ahmed Shihab-Eldin about the future of news on your phone. Plus, Michael McNally from Lego joins us and giving us the rundown on how they are taking their blocks hi-tech and Poverty Inc. filmmaker Michael Matheson Miller on a broken charity system.


TF093 - Bloomberg’s Amanda Lang on why discomfort is good for business

April 25, 2017

We chat with Manish Rathu, CEO of JoyRun, about how his company is creating a new business  that can help you make money the next time you get take-out. Plus, we speak to Bloomberg's Amanda Lang about her new book, The Beauty of Discomfort. She explains why it's OK to get uncomfortable (in fact, she says it's good for your business and your life). Pramod Sharma from Osmo joins us to explain how he's building an educational toy that combines the best of the digital and physical worlds. In Socially Speaking, we explore Facebook's next step augmented reality.


TF092 - Gamevice’s Phillip Hyun on the future of iPhone gaming 

April 19, 2017

We chat with Josh Wright from Catalyst about the latest trends from the accessories market, including his company's glow-in-the-dark strap for your Apple Watch. We also speak to Chuz Founder & CEO Eirini Schlosser about how her new app lets millenials know where to eat, drink and play. Plus, Phillip Hyun from Gamevice on making gaming easy on iOS devices thanks to his company's controller (which Michael covets!). In Socially Speaking, we decide if chatbots should be faceless or not.


TF091 - CNN’s Laurie Segall on her new 6-part investigative tech docuseries

April 13, 2017

We chat with CNN's Senior Tech Correspondent, Laurie Segall, about how her new series tackles uncomfortable questions about our relationship with technology. We also speak to Israeli-based Airobotics about their automated industrial drones. Plus, digital dad @Brittlestar joins us to explain why some web celebs are leaving Facebook.  In Socially Speaking, we explore the future of the egg default avatar on Twitter. 


TF090 - GadgetMatch’s Michael Josh with a first look at the new Samsung S8 devices

April 5, 2017

We chat with David Cannington from Nuheara IQbuds about how hearables are dominating the wearables market and how his product can help you hear better on the go (in busy restaurants and more!). We also speak with Stanford University Adjunct Professor Reza Zadeh about his machine learning company Matroid, and how their technology can find products and people in videos. We also connect with our favorite tech reporter, Michael Josh, who just left Samsung's S8 launch in New York.


TF089 - Wattpad CEO Allen Lau on a decade of sharing stories with 45M people worldwide. 

March 29, 2017

We chat with Wattpad CEO Allen Lau about a new spin-off app built just for his company's avid mobile readers. We also speak with Stephen Petranek, author of "How We'll Live on Mars," who explains how our kids might be moving to the red planet one day soon.  Liat Mordechay Hertanu from 24me joins us from Israel to explain how how her new app, Complete, will help us all get more done.