TF084 - Savvy Sexy Social’s Amy Schmittauer discusses her new marketing book.

February 15, 2017

We chat with well-known video blogger Amy Schmittauer about how to Vlog Like a Boss.  Plus, CBO Johnson Cook joins us to talk about Greenlight, a new and innovative debit card that's built just for kids. Also on the show, the President of Sleepace, Howard Borenstein, shares how his company's devices can help you get a better night's sleep (at an affordable price!) and Globalive's Anthony Lacavera explains how a new global hub for artificial intelligence will further cement Canada as an AI leader.


TF083 - LEGO’s Michael McNally on how Boost is bringing coding to kids

February 9, 2017

Michael McNally joins us to talk about how the world's most famous toy company is using programming to bring LEGO to life. Plus, get expert advice from real "Sensay" people while chatting on your favorite messaging app. We also speak with Stream about making a living as a live video streamer.  In Socially Speaking, we discuss the benefits of taking a pause from your job.


TF082 - Anonyme CEO Steve Shillingford on creating 9 lives for more privacy with Sudo app

February 1, 2017

Steve Shillingford joins us to chat about his new app Sudo, which puts safety and privacy back in your hands thanks to on-demand phones numbers and email addresses. Plus, @Brittlestar is back to talk about and why your pre-teens and teens can't get enough of growing community.  We also chat with Beddit about how their sleep tracker measures your rest without disturbing you.  In Socially Speaking, we discuss why a robot kill switch is the next must-have tech.


TF081 - FoodMarble CEO Aonghus Shortt on wearables to gauge gas in your gut.

January 24, 2017

We chat with FoodMarble about AIRE, a portable app-connected gadget to help you better manage with your digestive system. Plus, Michael Josh is back from CES with his top picks (from friendly robots to ultra-thin TVs). We also speak with the inventor of email, Shiva Ayyadurai about the future of the inbox and why some people dispute his role.


TF080: Happy New Year “Best of” The Feed with Guy Kawasaki & More Tech Stars

January 3, 2017

Guy Kawasaki joins us to chat design basics with Canva. Plus, Jill Dyche from SAS on using big data to help rescue dogs and Jennifer Flanagan from Actua on bringing STEM studies to remote communities. We also talk with tech leaders from Maven and Ripples.


TF079 - 15secTech’s Jeff MacArthur on fighting fake news on Facebook and beyond

January 1, 2017

Jeff MacArthur joins us to talk about how Facebook is building new tools to fight fake news in the wake of the United States presidential election. Plus, our best Power Friend @Brittlestar brings us the latest on how a group of hardcore Viners (sort of) saved the Vine app. Also, on the show, KidsWifi CTO Kris Braun on his company's new easy-to-manage device to keep your kids safe online. 


TF078 - GadgetMatch’s Michael Josh on 3 gift ideas for geeks on your list

December 20, 2016

Smart home technology is improving daily to keep us safe inside our homes.  Lockitron Co-Founder Paul Gerhardt joins us on this episode to explain why his company's innovative hardware and software is leading the way.  Also on the show, Michael Josh shares some last minute gift giving ideas for the geek on your holiday shopping list.  Plus, LiveLike Co-Founder Miheer Walavalkar explains how virtual reality is turning your living room into a sports arena (and why it will be a headset-free experience).  


TF077 - AmberMac’s Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2016

Food Cloud CEO Iseult Ward joins us from Dublin, Ireland to talk about connecting wasted food to charitable organizations.   Also on the show, Hussein Fazal is in studio to discuss new chatbot service SnapTravel, the half human and half robot that can book your next hotel room (with an upgrade!). Plus, Amber Mac shares her top three picks from her Holiday Gift Guide, including what you need to know hatching Hatchimals under the tree Christmas morning.


TF076 - STEM advocate Jennifer Flanagan on taking a mobile maker studio across the country.

December 6, 2016

Mike Dover visits us in studio to talk about his new book Dante's Infinite Monkeys: Technology Meets the 7 Deadly Sins. Also on the show, Actua's Jennifer Flanagan on visiting all corners of the country to inspire young people to learn to code. Plus, Valentin Nicoară of Vear joins us from Romania to discuss his Kickstarter campaign for new high-tech clothing called The Legs Jacket.


TF075 - North America Pokemon Winner Bennett Piercy on life as a teen video game champ.

November 28, 2016

We talk to the North America Pokemon champ Bennett Piercy about the latest games for the holiday season, including Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  Also on the show,  Click and Grow's Mattias Lepp joins us from Estonia to explain how to build a self-contained kitchen garden with Smart Garden 9. Plus, our power friend @Brittlestar on emerging business models in the live streaming space.