TF117 - How to sell old gadgets without selling your privacy

October 24, 2017

We talk to Allen Lau from Wattpad, the storytelling platform, about their company's venture into video. Plus, we speak to tech expert Marc Saltzman about tips to make a simple website in under an hour. We also get advice from our cyber security expert Ryan Duquette from Hexigent about how to sell (or recycle) your old tech without jeopardizing your personal data. In Socially Speaking, we discuss Facebook's step into episodic content and how they will compete against Netflix.


TF116 - GadgetMatch’s Michael Josh on the Google Pixel 2

October 18, 2017

We talk to the founder of Zunum Aero about how they are developing a small electric aircraft that is set to take flight in 2020. Plus, GadgetMatch's Michael Josh joins us from Vietnam with the latest from Google including their new smartphone, the Pixel 2. We take a look at Think Dirty's app, a digital download to educate consumers about potential toxic ingredients in home and skincare products. In Socially Speaking, we talk about the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein story and why Rose McGowan got (temporarily) kicked off Twitter.


TF115 - @Brittlestar shares his thoughts on how Cheez could be the new Vine

October 10, 2017

We talk to Google's Alexandra Hunnings about the scariest searches in advance of Friday the 13th and Halloween. Plus, we we debate how technology companies market to kids. Our favorite video star @Brittlestar joins us to talk about what could be the next Vine (say Cheez!). In Socially Speaking, we dive into how artificial intelligence is going to affect the future of work and where automation is good for the economy.


TF114 - GadgetMatch’s Michael Josh with an iPhone vs Samsung showdown

October 3, 2017

GadgetMatch's Michael Josh tells us which new smartphone camera takes the best pics. Plus, Ryan Duquette from Hexigent joins us with an Equifax update and how to protect our kids online. Plus, Ted Nash with the recipe for creating branded content that tells better stories. In Socially Speaking, we dive into what's hot and what's not in Halloween costumes in 2017.


TF113 - How Samsung is using VR to help with pain management

October 2, 2017

Kevin Jones, Samsung's Senior Director for Strategic Alliances, joins us to have a look at their technological advancements in the health sector. We also speak to author John Ellis about how big data will transform transportation. Plus, MedChart CEO James Bateman talks about the future electronic medical records. In Socially Speaking, we discuss bullying in politics. 


TF112 - Tom Merritt (DTNS) warns us about a hacker group called Dragonfly 2.0

September 20, 2017

Tom Merritt, host of Daily Tech News show, joins us to talk about the tech stories of the week, including the status of his Patreon campaign supporting new co-host Sarah Lane (she starts Oct. 2nd!). Michael speaks to Greg Feller, co-founder of Mogo, about how his fintech company is making it easier to get access to personal loans. Plus, Dr. John Wallenburg calls in to explain how researchers are using the latest medical technology to help children living with Cystic Fibrosis. In Socially Speaking, we talk about how technology's role in the midst of natural disasters.


TF111 - How to 3D print pancakes and get your fridge to make coffee

September 10, 2017

We speak to singer/songwriter and digital art innovator Beatie Wolfe about bringing augmented reality to the music industry. Plus, our own Amber Mac is 3D printing pancakes and getting her fridge to make her coffee - we tell you how. Michael O'Hara from GSMA shares why the World Mobile Congress is expanding to North America. In Socially Speaking, we talk about how Facebook plans to stop advertisers spreading fake news.


TF110 - Techcrunch’s Darrell Etherington on what you need to know about Android Oreo

August 31, 2017

We speak to TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington about the latest cookie from Google and what to expect from Apple September 12th. Plus, we have Alexandra Hunnings from Google who shares the best way to use search to simplify your back-to-school shopping (and she explains how Google knows the 80s and 90s are making a comeback this fall). Plus, we find out how a former CIA officer plans to kick President Donald Trump off Twitter (with a little crowdfunding help).


TF109 - Why columnist Margaret Wente is wrong about coding for kids

August 22, 2017

With September just around the corner, we talk to Matt Hutton from Little 10 Robot about Calcugators and why math edutainment works for kids. We also speak to Dr. Kiki from This Week in Science about this week's eclipse and why it was a special moment in history. Plus, futurist Andy Walker shares how artificial intelligence could lead to the perfect cookie recipe. In Socially Speaking, why a Globe and Mail columnist is misguided about coding for kids.


TF108 - Back-to-school tech with USA Today’s Marc Saltzman

August 16, 2017

We talk to security expert Ryan Duquette about new password creation rules. Plus, we speak to teen entrepreneur Alexandra Philp-Reeves about her new company, Emojihealth, a chatbot that helps keep teens healthy. We also speak to Marc Saltzman about the top 5 tech gadgets for kids heading back to college. In Socially Speaking, we discuss a new UK reality show called Lego Masters and how it's inspiring geek creativity on television.